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OOC Meme

OOC Info Meme
[Character Name]
Rin Natsuki
[Canon] Pretty Cure (Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo Series)
[Point Taken from Canon] Episode 1-11

[Age] 14
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Heterosexual
[Housing] 2242 Stevens "Rin Pilgrim"

[Eye Color] Red
[Hair Color] Reddish Brown
[Height] 5' 3"
[Other] Athletic, Reaction Face User

[Background] >

Rin is a tomboy for the most part, given that her interests lay in sports. However she spends a good portion of her time working in her family's flower shop, and taking care of her siblings who are both younger than she is. She has a sense of design and style, having been praised for it and even asked to create a tiara for a wedding. Rin like many of the girls are following Coco's dream to restore his kingdom but she had her reluctant moments in the beginning of the series.

As the practical one in the group, she comes to clash with Karen's logic in comparison. Her cool, analytical side clashes repeatedly with Rin's, being so stubborn. Sort of two Type A's in a room for an example. Rin rarely hates to lose and back down from a challenge, and she throws herself into situations over and over to make sure that she comes out on top or at least tied for first place.

Rin's friendship with Nozomi is one of the key defining things about her. She has often had to look after Nozomi, and make sure she was all right, adopting a big sister attitude towards her. When they got lost as children, they looked out for one another. This doesn't stop Rin from teasing her, and by extension teasing Urara, their junior. Rin feels that Nozomi should find something she wants to do, and soon discovers it when Nozomi pulls Rin along into the team of Precures.

Rin loves to eat. Often she's never seen not eating, and between her, Nozomi and Urara, will eat a lot of food. She often has to stick with the others to make sure that they don't do anything weird like put curry on Takoyaki or Chocolate Sauce. A bit of a mother hen with the other girls, she makes it clear if they're doing something silly, they should stop it for the time being, even if their attempts are undeterred. She also has a fear of unnatural things, such as ghosts, zombies and other weird things, and on top of this, has a fear of losing loved ones. The loss of anyone important to her, even temporarily would devastate her.


Pretty Cure Powers, activated with the Pinky Catch. All of her powers are fire associated with this form which comes with disguising magic, advanced strength and stamina, and toughness. Regaining this item would give her access to her Precure Powers, and she can transform on a whim. Her main attack is the Rouge Fire, which is a projectile attack summoning the power of a flame butterfly to her hand and firing it outwards. Throughout the series she will gain new powers and a new GoGo Phone for her Series 2 equipment, and the Fire Fluret sword.

[Affection] Hugging, kissing, various manners of physical intimacy are allowed with a no smut clause.

[Fighting] Fighting is allowed, injury is no problem though death I'd like to avoid unless it is a dire situation.

[Other Permissions] Can telepathic characters read your character's mind? How much can fourth wall breakers say? In other words, how intrusive can another character be toward yours? If there's anything you don't want a character to bring up or know about your character, just fill it in here.

Yes to telepathy, yes to fourth walling (love it so much), intrusiveness is always fun to do to her.

[Other Facts] She is very reaction-face.